Fire OG 3.5g by Fire Sale 19.2% THC

Brand: Smoke Stacks


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Guru Notes: One of the most textbook representations of OG Kush. This specific pheno is covered in red hairs and has a pungent piney smell with a zesty orange exhale. Also wonderfully priced with the fire sale, great evening smoke before dinner.


Strain History & Origin by Leafly: Known for being one of the strongest of the OG strains, Fire OG has a strong scent similar to Lemon Pledge and an effect that can last up to 3 hours. With parents of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3, the THC can be up to 20% with a CBD of 0.36%. The plant has frost covered nuggets with red hairs, giving the appearance that it is on fire--where the name Fire OG comes from