5GP x DBL (I) by Honeydew Farms

Brand: Honeydew Farms

Product Code: FLWR-HONEYF-5GPDBL-35G

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Guru Note: This is one of those strains that truly represents the in-depth level that breeders go through while selecting the ideal flower in a large phenohunt. Most people don't know that breeders traditionally test and grow plants to breed the proper ideal traits just like the punnet square from basic biology. The problem is that sometimes what you grow is just so hard to name and you end up just sticking with the exact genealogy as the name which ends up sounds like some wild science project, when in fact it really is! From what we have been told this is a love child of 4 unique strains combined and in our opinion is very much like a snowcap, jack and very uplifting sativa hybrid. We enjoyed the mystery of this strain as much as the smoke and we hope you do as well.